About Attack, Decay

Wires, knobs, keys, a modular synth rack. Jonny3snareS’ twisted, plugged, pressed his home studio equipment to birth eight braindance tracks in the style of the greats – as one residing in Cornwall should. A blizzard of acid bleeps and blips, pounding drum patterns, good vibrations and a touch of melancholy; a mixture wonderfully crafted for ravers and couch listeners alike. Attack, Decay is just that: it punches your eardrums and dance buttons with shrapnel synth shot and rhythms on one track, then turns things around with nostalgic melodies and more laid-back beats.
1. Tue3118
2. Lager and Lime
3. Attack Decay
4. Frank
5. Cynthia
6. Take Your Hat Off
7. Pig
8. Sine Fold
Music by Jonathan 'Jonny3snareS' Hipgrave
Artwork by Matthijs 'Whrikk' van der Geest
Mastered by Audio Animals
Video for 'Cynthia' by Purple Knif
Artist photos by Kate Constantin
Teaser & other videos by Caoutchou
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About Jonny3snareS

Jonny3snareS aka Jonathan Hipgrave is an electronic music producer residing in Cornwall, England.

The UK producer has been active in the underground electronic scene since 2008 with various small releases including the vinyl debut of ‘Yes, No, Maybe’ on Ideation Records and working with labels such as the always excellent 030303 Records.

After a short break (of around 7 years) he’s back twiddling knobs and plugging wires. Using mainly old analogue gear and homemade stuff he’s honed in on his own unique sound which varies from ambient electronic to acid techno and everything in-between.

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